Friday, 5 August 2011

trouble maker

i dreamt of someone i fell for yesterday night, and i've had this really weird feeling, and i only had such dreams months back. i can't shake the memory from my head - or maybe i don't want to, but it has affected everything i did earlier today :( . i became more tired, and i fell asleep during on of my classes,which may be due to the rest of my late-nights awake and dreams that steal my healthy rests but i felt like i was back in my dream instead.then i became more controlling today, argumentative, frustrated, easily bored and i called my friends different names and kept getting them mixed up a couple of times. yes, embarrassing, but not the worst part - i got so emotional over celebrities' images and i teared when i realized my favorite guitarist looks like he had aged by 20 years. and i teared when i didn't get my food and because i've ordered wayyy before a guy who had tab number 6 and i had tab number 3 and he still managed to receive his food before me. and i'm usually tired by the time i come home from my mural-painting activity but i am strangely filled with energy... i feel like i have flown into a vortex where feelings and emotions have all disappeared and everything is numb. i feel empty, i can't keep my head straight, my mind's all messed and tangled inside,

hopefully, i'd be back to normal by tomorrow, hopefully, i forget about that dream.