Tuesday, 16 August 2011


no one sings it better than them.

"Breakeven" by The Script cover

"Grenade" by Bruno Mars cover

"Price Tag" by Jesse J cover
* do check out their latest videos, these are a few i love most, uploaded around sometime last year

take a look at one of my favorite female artists!
they are, the infamous megan and liz, the gorgeous and talented twin sisters.
if you hadn't seen or heard about them before, you probably live under a rock -
they have over a million views on youtube and have over 100,000 fans on other social networking sites too. having worked with tiffany alvord and boyce avenue, they pretty much have all the basics covered and has started writing their own songs for a couple of years now. also, their appearance in oprah has made them world famous and do subscribe and download their songs available on itunes today! do check out their blog here :
http://meganandliz.com/ enjoy the covers!

ps. sorry i didn't have outfit updates the past - i lost count - days, images will be up sooner when i do not have exams! and stay tuned as i will be showing and also providing the link of friend's tumblr, amazing, and its the best i've seen so far:)