Thursday, 18 August 2011

side to you

hmm, i decided to put up a followers gadget on my blog today after much contemplation as i'd prefer to think that those who read my blog were anons or just strangers. i like to keep this as close to a diary as possible, that's why either blocked off comments or deleted them. i've suddenly had an interest for film cameras. i like the negatives, they create this ghostly effect because of its transparency and patchy over-exposed areas:)

images reblogged by elaine tsui. owner of Blue Incidence

aren't these tumblr photos gorgeous? want to see more? 
they belong to a very beautiful friend of mine, elaine, who is an art student like myself.
her tumblr, is one of the best i've seen so far ( which is about close to a hundred ) and i would really love to share it with everyone i know, or maybe even some that i don't.
her inspiration for these reblogged photos was basically anything that was aesthetically pleasing and serene. inspired by film and photography, they are mostly visual elements of life. she loves the color blue, things like the sea and the sky really catches her eyes.

"I also love the dreamy pictures and girls with 'mermaid hair'
( mermaid's tail braid also known as fish-tail braid). 
But above all, anything on my blog is what inspires me "