Friday, 19 August 2011

you took something perfect and painted it red

no fashion updates this week, sadly i couldn't do it on friday!
here's what i have been busy with, painting a mural at traffic park at Pasir Ris. it went pretty well, and it looks neat n' all, but its not as easy as it looks!washing off the paint with thiner made us all stink. i know the base colors makes it dull and un-professional, but just wait til all the colors and different painting techniques have settled in. hopefully we'll be done in the next two weeks, crossing my fingers! sorry for some of the dark photos, we stayed til 7.30 and there wasn't much light left, thanks to gis and the rest who helped me get some photos too!some of my friend's went to look back at my old photos - the raw copies of the photos used for my fashion updates. zomg, i'm deleting them permanently NOW. how embarrassing - those were old! old old photos, not to mention very very un-glamourous, so not funny:( sigh.

skinny pizza and The hand burger for dinner. 
hmm fried banana caramel cake, i'll never be sick of something so delicious.
i like the tables and chairs that are in The hand burger . they are like drawers,and they fit nicely into one another, sweet.i've heard that the skinny pizza restaurants different outlets has different themes, and my sis said there was one that was a theme of a toilet. imagine eating on a toilet bowl and a sink, gross out.oh and isn't that cd cover adorable? i think its from some comic, but i can't really remember. i like childish things. especially kiddy snacks that come in kiddy packaging.