Sunday, 4 September 2011

candy man

studied for quite some time today, until my favorite fruity pebbles and fashion browsing stole my attention away for good. hope this makes up for my lack of fashion updates the past 2 weeks for i had injure my arm and no kind of apparel will be able to distract you from my ugly cast that will be sticking with me for at most one more week if i can " pass " my doctor's checkup with some luck next thursday. Also i'm beyond glad i finally became a Style Council ( good to know the're some who support my style in every photo i uploaded ) on Chictopia, took me quite some time though. Hopefully i'll be a Style Icon soon, and also score a place guest blogging on by the end of the year. check out my place at chictopia, here!

photo: The Elle Russia April 2010 photoshoot