Sunday, 4 September 2011


the whole week i've been stressing myself to bits studying and just when i thought i could take next week off i was wrong. back to back extra classes i had asked for better pay off, because all this hectic timings has caused me my sleep, and in a while's i'll have to go to bed, exactly 8 hours of rest to til tomorrow begins. theres alot of silence while i'm typing now, which is a little creepy as i'm hearing myself speak in my head. feels empty, but somewhat peaceful. well,  guessing i should explain the photos i took earlier today , a bottle of chanel  n。5 and a mini vintage replica which can be told by its yellowing label and fading words, which i took from my mum just for some eye candy. i don't use Chanel perfume, sworn to Vera Wang's princess - the pink one with a specific silver crown cap ( or maybe MJ 's daisy ). i like collecting what some people call 'old', but i'd prefer to use the term vintage. 

and then theres some other stuff that belongs to yours truly and then an article i liked very much that i managed to skillfully tear out from thesundaytimes newspaper. i am in love with most animals, as long as they don't look hairless, slimy or scaly like fishes. cats, are one of the animals i love most, gentle, proud and elegant. i wish i'll get one when i grow older, a grey kitten with green eyes. adoption is very very important me too ( i am going to adopt 2 children when i'm old.) , be it animals or human beings, for i believe that every living thing deserves a second chance, and sometimes its not their fault they got abandoned by their owners/ parents whatsoever. i can be the next Angelina Jolie just without those hot lips and fame :)

nothing much left so... i'd leave this space to wish a great HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY LOVELY READER, WHOSE ONLINE NAME SHE USES : CHOCOLATE FASHION,
who has been my reader since i first started blogging 2 months ago, and has been my friend ever since. she has a blog, visit here! i thank her for taking part in my giveaway, and i double thank her for posting about my blog too. i wish you all the best in your exams and may 
god bless †