Monday, 31 October 2011

coarse precision

what i'm wearing: tryst leggings, Acyd Lucyd, in bottoms
        D.I.Y romper, in rompers
                                        flink spike loathers, the scarlet room, in shoes

well, once again, halloween is here! hmmm, i love dressing up! its so incredibly fun, and i hope those who are partying or trick or treatin' in my country today have lots of fun:) it was raining earlier today - pouring down on some of the halloween decorations many spent hours putting up... but for all those out there , be careful & have a spooky celebration :) :) :) 

ps. i was supposed to have a face like Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland Chesire Cat - in relation to my blog ! i think about my readers even during times like these , but sure hope you guys didn't get scared off by me .i'll make sure i take new photos of the shoes and leggings once i find another occasion to wear em' for they aren't very clearin the images! grin. 
' we're all mad here.' - cheshire cat