Sunday, 30 October 2011

october feature - guest blogger Daria

hello my fellow bloggers, as promised on the group i had created on International Fashion Bloggers, i would pick a fresh face to guest blog here. and there she is, Daria, from Saint-petersburg . The proud owner of fashionsurf, a graduate from Vaganova ballet acad,  that impressed me with her friendliness, outgoing personality and most importantly, style. hopefully you all would follow and support her along the way ! get to know her by the quick interview that went down overnight - 


Me: what is the message you want to send to those interested in fashion - how do you think they should start?
Daria: It's getting harder and harder now to get into the fashion world now. Because fashion is really in fashion now (ironically) - it's all over the internet, all over tv - it's everywhere. And so to be noticed you have to be unique, you have to be passionate, you have to be tireless. If you are blogger - you should post often, visit lots of fashion events and yeah...leave tons of comments everywhere you can - cause that's how people will hear about you and and find your blog.
Me: who are your fashion inspirations?
Daria: Life itself is pretty inspiring. But my greatest inspiration is art: beautiful photos or drawings, touching films, music. Also there were times I'd had a lack of inspiration - that's why I created my tumblr ( That's basically a collection of everything that inspires me.
Me: what would you describe your style as?
Daria: My style is...ever changing. What I know is that I don't like being to girly and I really-really love men's bold accessories. Also I'm a big lover of high-heels and mini though.
Me: whos your favorite designer/ stylist/ makeup artist ( pick one ) and why?
Daria: There are a lot of great ones. But my favourite would be Olivier Theyskens. His pices are so various - from fab dresses to just a casual something. And they are always extremely stylish, super-beautiful and never overload (even if it's a gown with like thousands of layers - it looks just right)
Me: whats your fashion goal you wish to achieve for the year through blogging?
Daria: There's no special goal actually. I just want to keep on blogging, participate in interesting projects, meet new people and be useful for people reading me.
Me: how do you feel about being chosen?
Daria: Oh, I'm really honored to be chosen to be a guest blogger for as beautiful blog as atoasttowonderland is!
Me: any comments/ suggestions for atoasttowonderland ?
Daria: Honestly, your blog is great the way it is! I really love the way you write and the photos you post. So yes, I have a suggestion - just keep on posting, girl! You are good at this!
my message to Daria : thanks for giving me the opportunity to interview such a sweet girl like you, and i would be keeping track of your blog as a reader and as a fan! you are one of my blogger inspirations, keep it up & may god bless ♥  see you soon!
my message to those who were hoping to get this feature on IFB : sorry lovelies, maybe next time! as i had put in my description, i will be  constantly checking out your new posts so i can decide who my next guest blogger. don't be discouraged, hold your heads up high and be confident! tumblr, blogs and websites are all accepted. both male and female applicants are welcome too! would be setting up a new group for the next feature, so email me at : if you wish to be an earlybird.