Wednesday, 26 October 2011

morning tale

images taken from tumblr

i'm not feeling too good today, not lazy, more like bored and depressed that my parents do not seem to care about my results. i passed all my 6 subjects except one and i did well. but they tend to pick on the not-so-good subject and not praise my improvement in all my other papers. hey, i tried, i did great considering the other students and no matter how much pressure i put on myself - zero compliments. i want to dig myself a hole and pretend this is just a nightmare.
i already did what i could. careless here and there but still i got promoted. you don't see me cry when you say things. you don't hear me when i tell you my achievements.

ps. sorry to my followers - i'm not really in the mood to take outfit posts, another day, alright? and the pictures have nothing to do with how i feel, i just need something to cheer myself up.