Tuesday, 22 November 2011

christmas/ birthday wishlist

modelsown pastel nail polish set - 20£

actually, i don't care if it was from models own or OPI or china glaze etc. 
as long as its in pastels, its a keeper. 

Aztec Cutout Dress - 68US ( left )

urg. its about 80 + SGD and its not making my life easier. i don't think it would 
look good on my pale skin ... maybe i should get it for my sister.

jozlyn Sequin Dress - 68US ( right )

i need, i want, i save. bold for day, shimmer for night.
i like purple too, and its not too bright nor too dull, nastygal read my mind. 

Schooled Blazer - 68£ ( left ) 

this just screams edge. and screams i'm in charge. and merry christmas!

Erotica Lace Bustier/White - 398£ ( right )

i love bralets, corsets, bustiers. embrace femininity.

another thing my sister and i have in common ;)

Audrey Platform Wedge /Wine - 138US ( left )

these are fierce, really. they look like teeth. great for seasonal holidays, what a pop of color.

Shazzam Platform /Tribal Stripe - 158US (right )

i'd consider saving for this. i mean, it would do some good for spring, 

and i'd love 

to bring out the whole tribal / aztec look then. like aladins magic carpet made into peep-toes, no?

theyskens theory ankle-strap platform - 139.50US orginally 465US ( left )

hmm, the stock image doesn't look too good, but wearing them definitely does! 
if you don't believe me, check out the catwalk!

balenciaga cut-out boots  ( right )

won't bother to state the price, its balenciaga babe. replicas please.
Dominique Spike Platform - 175US 

so long as these doesn't get sold out my month end, i'm ordering. 
MUST BUY , long live JC

Snoopy And Woodstock Chunky Knit Jersey - 89.90 SGD

this is so comfy looking! nothing is better than knits. nuff' said.
ASOS Portfolio Clutch - 20£

one thing that sucks is that this clutch is sold out. urg, its the prettiest
 colour they had, but i never noticed how great it looked .
ASOS Mint Round Sunglasses - 12£

i wanted these for quite a while. SMOOCHIEZZ is one of my suppliers where my 
goodies come from, but i never really wanted to pay for shipping for such a teeny tiny thing. 
pullandbear bird print dress 89.99 - SGD

tried this dress at the outlet the other day, flattering and adorable at the same time. 
if i actually did bought this, i'd wear it for the holidays in the theme of 'blue christmas' .

monsters inc disney sully hat - $ 9.90US

i waited for this hat for months, but i still couldn't get it. i'm a huge 
fan of monsters inc. and toy story, my all time favorite!

respective image credits to modelsown.com, asos.com, nastygal.com, 
amazon.com, pullandbear.com, theory.com, lostceremony.com  
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