Monday, 21 November 2011

virgin matter

what i'm wearing: Carnby in tapestry, steve madden, in shoes
         knit cardigan, in outerwear
                                     forest green peterpan collar dress, in dresses
               wooden bracelets, in accessories
             weaved bracelet, in accessories
         wooden ankh, in accessories

i feel unstoppable with these lovely shoes on. so far the favorite ones i've got, but i accidentally scraped a really long dent onto the wooden heel when i was descending from the elevator. sigh, at least it isn't fraying, but the sight of it nearly tore my heart out of my chest - oh how i saved for this and killed it with a mistake. people kept staring at me the whole day, either because i was 1.8 m thanks to my platforms, or they like these sleek showstoppers too.It is cheaper now,  going at $127 ( almost 50% off - shipping excluded ) while i bought it at full price, so quick grab yours! * sorry for the bad video quality!

ps. claud, if you are reading this, thanks for the gift, it goes great with what i wore today ;)