Wednesday, 28 December 2011

christmas special : christmas tree

what i'm wearing : gradient sweater, in tops
                             fluffy hat, in accessories
                                     cross necklace, in accessories
                    satin skirt, in skirts
                                  glitter wallet, in accessories
                                                  jc 99 boots, jeffrey campbell, in shoes

well, christmas is officially over, for the 4th day now. still haven't gotten over the christmas jitters that had built up since the start of the month! sorry for taking such a long time to post, it has been really really busy the past few days. coming back in the am-s everyday has really worn me out, and unfortunately, i am sick, on my birthday :'( so my birthday post will be up a little later than usual!

random people had complemented me on my outfit
random tourists had asked to take pictures with me 
feeling like a model when i switched to my dolce vitas because they made me alot taller
family time , family movie , family dinner 
christmas wishes from friends 
christmas gifts - vintage goodies (OMG)

however, although christmas has ended, my christmas specials won't be over so soon