Saturday, 31 December 2011


its new years eve and i felt like i have learnt so much from this year. i am so grateful for my family, my so- called "artistic talent", my good friends , but i lay awake the past few days summing up my thoughts if i did anything at all productive if i was not designing, blogging or doing my homework . and yes i did. but i also thought about the things i wanted to do for the future, something i knew i'd wanted since i was a kid, a haute couture designer. to me, its my only purpose in my life and i hope i wouldn't have to take all i am blessed with for granted to fulfill that. i guess i changed a lot this year, as a normal person would, i have my regrets and mistakes along achievements. But one thing i'll never regret is starting a blog, a diary that i can contain my thoughts and observe my progress. 
i became more determined, and motivated this year too, because i have big dreams. my quote for next year is even going to be " what doesn't kill you makes you stronger " from Kelly C's new hit. i realized i have been spending a lot of alone time because i love to reflect. The emptiness i might feel sometimes is replaced by the joy of knowing i didn't need anyone to make me satisfied, to rely on, to love. Simply because i wouldn't let anyone get in my way of my goals , to prove and challenge myself. it has been a great 2011, i'm not quite sure i'm ready to let go, but i look forward to 2012. 

stay cheery everyone and embrace the change, xxxchar