Sunday, 8 January 2012

sworn to myself

i took this image in prep for my sister & her boyfriend Edric 's anniversary. His surprise gift for her was a guitar, and yesterday night he was in her room singing Only Exception, by Paramore and its just really really touching it makes me feel pathetic LOL.But of course i'm happy for them, in fact, their love is my inspiration, something that comes so naturally, rare and beautiful. All this while they have backed each other up, enjoyed the simple company of one another and i'm relieved to know that my sister has someone to take care of her. Although this means i'd have less time to spend with her, she is so dear to me therefore deserves someone very special like him. For many years she had to look after me, and finally, its time for her to be pampered and loved like the way she loves others. happy anniversary!

love, your sister Char