Tuesday, 10 January 2012

to the loops

something so gorgeous i wouldnt even dream of owning it! bombshell. mind blowing hot shorts that would cost me over a hundred. no no no saving up for these velvet corset shorts - its totally out of the question :( 
sigh, really wish i could update my blog more often, but i'm stressed enough from school. i see some of my favorite bloggers slacking off to a corner while the others focusing on work , evident from their newest posts which are pretty darn old. my blog/diary is sadly thrust to a corner, empty, for theres no space for thoughts while trying to frantically squeeze in more practice for my math sums while still awake. i turn to my design & concepts, drawing lessons for interest but so far my first few lessons weren't so colourful after seeing a couple of my friends dozing off repeatedly. Guess i have to make the best out of it.