Sunday, 25 March 2012

opium poppies addiction

i really hate the weather today! its so gloomy although it barely rained! i was also running a fever, but i just knew i had to stop from our way to dinner to take some pictures at a playground area quite a distance from my house when i saw the lovely flowers that covered the floor. i sort of blended in but i enjoyed a nice few couple of minutes rolling on the lovely pink floor and watching the petals rustle as the wind blew. These two photos weren't so great, they actually make my skin look overly yellow. i'm not too sure if its that i am asian, my really horrible editing skills or the fact that i was losing light and made a quicky that resulted with not-so-nice images 

        what i'm wearing : huntington orchid printed top, Modparade, in tops
                                                   huntington orchid printed bottom, Modparade, in bottoms
olive bag, HURS, in bags
           lace trilby, ASOS, in accessories
     cutout oxfords, F21, in shoes
                         quirky green ring, vintage, in accessories

this is the first time i actually wore jade. it always seemed for the elders ...i don't know the colour just fits them better than a teenager. So i picked the one that least resembled jade, one that looked more like some fake costume/ statement accessory because of its blockish cut. Orchids are Singapore's national flower, although i didn't have much pride in my country, i kind of like how it has such a funny-looking shape which made me think of aliens.Actually, i did remember seeing this Modparade piece in H&M but i got it for at least 20 - 30 bucks cheaper.Any takers for my ASOS lace fedora? its pretty to look at but i prefer floppy hats so i'd put it up for sale soon! bye bye