Saturday, 31 March 2012

for those unguided

image credits to weheartit

well,its really early in the morning and started wondering, thinking, reflecting. i decided to give some advice, as part of a practice and reminder for myself as well as for all those whom i love,be it my readers or even my friends and family.

On Dieting
i know of alot of awful habits that my friends have, and one of which are dieting. At least 1/3 friends i have are getting involved in dieting tips that were taken from the internet, or worst, starving themselves. now, i'm not asking anyone to listen to me, but question yourselves. Don't you wish you had smaller tighs, slimmer waist and thin wrists? Most people do, but not taking proper care of your body is a different thing. Firstly, dieting tips from the internet are mostly unreliable, i recommend a proper nutrition consultation. i don't think anyone should be shy about this, because when you think you need help, you should always voice out. besides, there is nothing wrong at all if you want to improve your body. Even if you wanted to be really really skinny, always tell yourself that there would always be someone bigger sized, and someone smaller as well. If you were to compare day and night, it wouldn't do you any good, and it could drive you into depression. so some simple tricks i thought of were to : 1) keep a diet diary plan, to remind yourself to eat healthy. 2) exercise regularly. 3) don't check labels of food, it will only get you down. 4) stop idolizing skinny models and look up inspirational leaders like adele, katy perry or beyonce. 5) read newspapers for health tips or go for health talks. 
i personally don't do any of what i mentioned above, as i feel comfortable with my body.i've never looked at food labels before, nor did i ever feel the urge to be stick-thin. i eat everything in moderation ( absolutely love french fries ), and i exercise when i like to. i think everyone should love their body, appreciate and be grateful for what you have been blessed with, instead of trying to change yourselves! 

On Makeup
in my opinion, its perfectly fine to wear makeup. i don't use much makeup, only a minimal of lip products and nothing else. i feel that feeling fresh and natural, showing your face without any enhancing products is very important. for those who absolutely love makeup and can't leave the house without it, i don't encourage it, as i think you would have to learn to be comfortable and proud of how you look. as for makeup products, i see my mum and sister cake their faces with all sorts of things i don't even know the names to and i've just got two things to say : 1) don't buy cheap makeup, it might just eat into your face. invest in good products that have been tested and proven skin-friendly even though it will be pricer. 2) don't over do your makeup, and ask makeup counters for advice if you are unsure, for professionals never really go wrong! 

On Dressing Well
lastly, i don't think anyone to dress to impress.just be you, just feel comfortable.inspiration can be part of your outfits, but beware never to "copy" a style of another blogger/stylist/fashion icon.Theres nothing worst than imitating, as it shows zero personality and creativity! Don't be worried that people wouldn't like the way you dress, because if you try hard enough to bring your style all out, you would always have supporters.i even have problems adjusting to this mindset, but i am still working on it and i can say i've progressed since a year ago! :)

ps. sorry for the tremendously long post that is right bellow! i just had to mention some of the concerns that i held in for a long time! GOOD MORNING