Monday, 7 May 2012

all of my change i've spent on you

what i'm wearing : victorian collar dress, Macharies, in dresses
                          cross strap replica clogs, celine, in shoes 
      velvet purse, vintage, in bags
                                              sun moon double-faced watch, vintage, in accessories
    chevron ring, in accessories
heart ring, in accessories

i woke up from the best sleep i've had since the start of the year, staring into space and just enjoying the fact that i can lie in bed for as long as i want.  Today's a public holiday, and so i didn't have school. Went to Dempsey's to have brunch, some vanilla tea and a nice chat. We walked around to some lovely pastel condominium to take photos, and then to a cafe called Jones.i loved the soft click-clack of my clogs against the peaceful woodsy sounds and i was reminded once again for today i
was free. how i wish everyday was like today bye !