Saturday, 12 May 2012

watch her moving in elliptical pattern

i've been struggling to update ever since i merged my accounts together, and couldn't access blogger. And then i figured it out and here i am  i've had a great morning, just looking at the rays of light pass through my curtains and onto my bed. Usually i wouldn't have bothered to snap some pictures, but today just felt different. Currently listening to Birdy's Skinny Love, 1901, and People Help The People which is my favourite. Theres something really spiritual about her music, and i thank Marissa for introducing her music to me.  

one thing i love about saturdays is that its the only day i don't have to fold my bed. i find comfort in the mess and i can repeatedly go back into bed, read a book and drink tea, before the afternoon starts and i have to leave my home. hmm, now my song has ended and i'm writing whats in my mind. ♡