Sunday, 13 May 2012

what you already know

what i'm wearing : school girl sweater, in tops
                                         striped bow, vintage, in accessories
                       white belt, in accessories
                                                   frilly polka dot shorts, topshop, in bottoms
                                                                  laptop knot bag, marc by marc jacobs, in accessories
                                   suede heart patch heels, in shoes

today's mothers day, so my mum and i went out to a cute little cafe down town ! My sister was busy with work this afternoon, so we'd be full-on celebrating tomorrow instead. Took some outfit posts, had latte and cake while talking about all the exciting plans for the upcoming holidays. i guess i didn't have the guts to say this out loud earlier today...i don't know why , but dear mum, i love you 

ps. i want so badly to be StyleNanda's model for their global model recruit, and this outfit reminded me of some of the items they carry!

pss. this sweater would be up for sale in my shop in just a jiffy!