Sunday, 3 June 2012

the animal inside of you

what i'm wearing : 1925 Fendi clutch, vintage, in bags
                                                          cheetah chain belt, The Scarlet Room, in accessories
                                                                     zara replica cheetah stud blouse, The Scarlet Room, in tops
          skater skirt, in bottoms
                                                                   aztec bracelet, modern restructured vintage, in accessories

well, its sunday and i'm out of outfit ideas so i put on this top and belt both from The Scarlet Room. They were both gifts, and i have to say they were gorgeous. Its no secret that i love TSR, they carry really pretty things that fits my "style" occasionally, and also because they have zara apparels that i could never afford , especially when a blouse cost 70 bucks and i usually wear things only once.i received this with pretty printed label stickers with my name on it and it just sent me over the moon ! Anyhoo, i can't remember what brand my shoes are, but they are just a replica pair as wanted to get the original but i practically tore apart the whole of solestruck and a few other sites to search for this. It was probably Dolce Vita, as they have sexy kitten paw - looking boots and heels like these all the time! love! MEOW! 

ps. sorry for the photo color inconsistency ! ☹ but i had my trial contacts on - yay!