Monday, 4 June 2012

slight variations of blue

so heres what i've been up to sometime last week while i was procrastinating. A little DIY enriches the soul , don't you think? i've had quite an obsession for bows these few months, so i decided to make  a couple for myself ! 3 out of the 15 in the photo below were bought, but of course i would be making lots more soon, in materials like velvet, denim, suede, felt as soon as i hunt for enough fabric scraps. 
sorry i wouldn't be putting up a tutorial, as its too much of a hassle ---- 

i'd be collecting orders for these bows, at a itty bitty price of $1. 50 each ! For a set of 1 bow, a bobby pin and a clothes pin, it would be $2. 00 . Wear it as a bow tie or a hair accessory, or pin it onto your pouches! do head down to my shop for my T&C 

ps. if you have any requests , as to fabric patterns, materials and bow dimensions, do drop me an email!