Monday, 6 August 2012

put your records on

What i'm wearing : Floral print blouse replica, Zara, in tops
                Tutu skirt, Topshop, in bottoms
                         Cross bracelet, B. M., in accessories
                                  Suede box bag, Her Vintage Store, in bags

Hello, here's what i wore last sunday ! 
The last post was a preview, so i hope these shots would be bigger and clearer. I've been buying quite a few collared tops lately, although when i was younger i hated them. They can be worn as a dressy top with all those lovely prints , or even as work apparel by letting it peek out from under a blazer! These versatile babies couldn't get any better ♡ This delicate cross bracelet was sent to me by Boutique Minimaliste, its gorgeous gold chain and single smooth cross just brings simplicity to a whole new level. Somedays putting on too many accessories doesn't seem appropriate especially when the outfit is already somewhat decorative itself, don't you think ? less is more.