Wednesday, 5 September 2012

picking up the pieces

had so much good food at Holland Village its like heaven on earth. I can't think of anything better than brunch the minute i wake up ! got chased out of the house by my insane sister barking at me to hurry up. Didn't complain much, she made up for bringing me to cafe Hatched. will upload the images of the food sometime later, for this post is getting a little long! 

what i'm wearing : cherry shorts, in bottoms
                           jade collar top, in tops
                                                                        japanese felt & fabric brooch, Krize, in accessories
                                               celine python clutch replica, in bags
                                                    painter's watch, vintage, in accessories
                                                               steve madden gretta platform replica, in shoes

had a photo-taking session afterwards along the stretch of eateries, in the hot sun. Funny i didn't have my frizzy hair up in the usual poofy bun, guess i was too busy flipping through desert menus ! Settled for haagen dazs' green tea ice cream as i haven't tried that before. just so happened to match my green-red assemble, jade/ emerald is my new choice of colour find this outfit at my shop now! 

ps. the brooch was sent to me by Sponsor Kristina who is a children's book illustrator ! Do head down to her etsy store, Krize, for original exclusive pieces.