Monday, 10 September 2012

the sovereign light cafe


Thursday afternoon, had too many errands to run so it ruined my plans for an hour of reading at the beach. guess i brought the beach to me instead, by wearing this sailor-style vintage top that i got just last week. it has seahorses, seashells and fishes all over! you probably think i am so full of myself - posting so many of the same images of myself - haha, i just love playing around with photo  effects . will share more sometime. 

This is probably just a small preview of my own collection - Salt Seas, that is scheduled to launch nearer december, after my end-of-year examinations! It would probably be filled with both vintage, modern and handmade pieces of similar nautical designs .

what i'm wearing: bow flats, in shoes
                                               embroidered skirt, in bottoms
                                                           chain ring, handmade, in accessories
                                                                            by the sea double breasted shirt, vintage, in tops
                                                                               i'm really a mermaid necklace, ILC, in accessories

This is from I Love Crafty. ILC got me to pick my top choice accessory and you're looking right at it. It came in a beautifully packaged 6-layer wrapping, with name cards and thank you messages all over ♡ loved it so much it took me this long to put together an outfit that was worthy of this baby.

oh, and the winner for the ATOASTTOWONDERLAND X MAM giveaway goes to Samantha Lim!