Friday, 12 October 2012

where i have been


Its been at least 3 weeks since my last update. i'm sorry, and its been equally as painful for me not to find a proper way to express how i feel. All my one-liner thoughts of anger, stress, determination and even at times, joy and anticipation were all noted in my iphone, and that kept me going. But all is not lost, i'll soon share what i've experienced every day right here at this space. Blogging has been a big part of my life and i can't really explain my love for it. My examinations have ended, ( thank god ) and i have appreciated everyone's well wishes! Its about time i started replying to my near dead email account...hehe


what i'm wearing : rose-bed blouse, vintage, in tops 
                         ribbon mint shorts, in bottoms
                            bowler tote, Cotton On, in bags 

Summer is fading and fall has approached, and i felt that it was the right time to take out this light blush-toned blouse ! as for the colour-blocking and pastel scheme, i admit i'm still in love with the summer palette and aren't quite yet ready to let it go. Fished out a brooch that was gifted from My Bunti sometime ago! suits it perfectly today, but i couldn't bring myself to poke the tiniest holes in my vintage one-off piece! Will keep my one-week break with plans with friends and keeping up with some of my newest sponsors - Cotton On , who sent me several pieces to play around with. currently rationing the goodies for different posts 

once again its great to be back - but before i log off, to curl my hair or not to curl ? its been a frizzy mess for as long as i can remember and i'm quite sick of ten-dollar hair cuts! Time for a change, i suppose?