Saturday, 25 June 2011

pale pastels of a rainbow

 wake up call.
oh joy, today is the third last day of hols.
i wish i had more time, don't we all?
up and about, at my friend's place

seafoam, yam-purple, lemon, baby-pink, mint .
ps. do google the recipe , its real easy to find :)

love the tiny spots of the oven.
wonder why it's like that.

camwhore-ing on the floor of jo's kitchen,
just like we used to.
love the warmth of the oven, it's real special 

i'd pretend its fairy-dust

it's not perfect, it doesn't has to be.
i love it just the way it is,
hope you do too

looks pretty stupid, but we bought a net to catch fish..
and we forgot a bucket.
all smiles and quirky behavior

we finally caught a fish -  and borrowed a plastic bag-
i dont like fishes, but victory is sweet.
we let it go, because it'll look sad if we kept it.

wish i could fly to the sky, and see what it really is like.
i want a magic carpet, or a magic swing.

nice uncles, with nice scooters.
see that heart shape red one? all the other uncles are checking it out- 
or maybe they're checking the man out-

rocker style. as jo likes to call it.
we took many photos, maybe i'd upload more:)

the place we used to hang
the way we were so childish
the stuff we used to like
doesn't seem too far off now.

self-timer an invention that changed photo-taking history.

its time to go. 
love you chester,
love you jo.

heyyy it sorta rhymes.

for a close friend.
who loves this marc dress -
so i decided to write about it.

marc by marc jacobs striped silk dress
a one of a kind summer dress that features a scoop-neck chest grazing,
colour-block knee/calf length maxi.
worn by michelle obama, this vibrant, lightweight and bold stripes - 
is perfect for the beach.
the orange silk waist belt, accentuates the female figure, and the soft fabric 
makes the model look graceful with every step as it sways about.
the minimal accessories allows the dress to be the main focus, and the safari cap
makes it look summertime.
i am not a big fan of this dress as i prefer many of mj's other designs, 
but my friend really does, so there you go!