Saturday, 25 June 2011

steamy dream boat

what i'm wearing : polka dot romper, esp edge, in one-pieces
                                          2-coloured crystal lensed glasses, vintage, in eyewear

i took this photo a while back, but i did not upload it. 
since i am staying home studying, i guess i shall just put this up.
i look nerdy for a change,

i had to forgo my friend's flea, because i had tuition too
but i'm happy i did my work, i feel alot smarter now!
oooh, dinners ready

this steamboat / bbQ machine has been with us for many,many years.
possibly 5 years? its our third time using it though

i think my popo is adorable, shes in her 60s, and shes always happy
and she loves me, and i love her very very much.
i'm too shy to tell her -

popo doesn't like taking photos, but i made her so i'd have pictures to keep forever
my dad's a happy fellow too, i hope he isn't too stressed from working all day long

thats my sister, she claims shes getting old. i think so too:)
my dad has long hair, i think thats cool, it makes 4 girls in the family now

my uncle is concentrating on his prawns. he is a real genius, he tutors me.
i want to find him a suitable girlfriend, he's almost 40!
then i want to be a bridesmaid too- i find it nice to walk down the aisle

mushrooms corns dumplings crabmeat beef pork veggies fishballs toufu prawns 
thank you grandma for prepping all this for us, thank you deiwi ( my maid/aunty)
helping us lay everything nicely!

from coco rocha for les echos by jean paul gaultier collection

firstly, i love the idea of incorporating gloves with work-wear.
i think it makes it look professional , neat and adds class to the serious atmosphere.
the garment, in nude and black, plays eye tricks on people as they would be attracted 
to the skimpy dress on a lady.
it isn't too obscene as a working outfit,as compared if she wore a bandeau and bandages skirt in black but isn't too formal either. the body-con one piece highlights her curves 
and the shoulder pads enable broader shoulder to those with petite frames.
the stockings are a nice touch, a smart choice instead of the usual white and black stripes.
the heels, gives the outfit diagonal lines instead of the all horizontal and is unique, not 
sloppy either, would definitely make an entance.
last but not least, the cap that grazes her scalp helps emphasize on her cheekbones, 
down to her jawline, and to her wine red lips .