Tuesday, 19 July 2011

abc, easy as one two three

i guess i won't be labeling any of my outfits, since i've got a mix of 4 different bags and shoes and one, i'd say not so pleasant uniform. yes, i agree school uniforms are revolting and i don't see why schools don't allow us to wear our own clothes - isn't it a way of expressing myself? my school rules are:
shoes with covered toes, 
black or white socks only
no painting of nails
stuff like that.
we once had a " design-your-own-uniform " contest. many of us signed up because who wouldn't want everybody else to be wearing our designs. then on a tiny corner of the paper, it wrote " for 2030 " or " 2015 " i don't really remember. expected, almost everyone i knew taking part pulled out almost immediately. we wouldn't even be here anymore when the real transformation of uniforms take place..  and i'm pretty sure none of us cared for the next batch, because let them have a taste of it too! yes, pretty heartless. due to poor response, i believe, its been three years and no one ever brought such a contest back again. wonder why *smirk*  i didn't have time to go out and take new photos, so i settled for these. i need to clear my school shoes. i love them to death, and some have seasoned so they don't cause blisters unlike new shoes but, change is what we all need around here. a collection of adidas shoes ( my fav sports brand ), TOMS ( my alltime favourite - heart the cause, :( but they use pig skin for the soles ), pastry ( daddy's girls - vanessa and angela simmons line ), converse ( i haven't worn them in half a year ), my sky-blue keds ( which are tearing so horribly i'm paranoid it gives way everytime i wear it..), my spikes ( used to be for track and field practice but nowadays only for doing sprints at a nearby stadium ) and last but not least, my vanessa hudgens for NY brand : ecko t√©nis red sneakers ( i barely wear them,i'm afraid the platform area makes me too tall and i don't want the glitter and stones to drop out - i'm sounding all girly-girl. imported them back from LA so i can't get another pair if i wanted to.. ) so there! i'm going to have dinner and complete my school homework soon
sorry for the mean looking photos, i know i look bored-over-it in some but i really meant to smile, i guess i'm only smiling in my mind.. who knows.