Wednesday, 20 July 2011

down in history


hey dears, heres what you'll be getting this week! 
Bershka's sunglasses in olive with deep purple lens, that comes with a sliver casing with an engraving of the brand name in the inside. it's one of my most precious sunglasses shipped from barcelona, spain!
what to do to get these sweet treat : 
do an advertorial/ advertistment banner for atoasttowonderland as well as charlenearchiekaulitz ( sales site) on blogger, livejournal, facebook, tumblr or any other site accessible to public! do note that you can pick one of the links given, but i'd be more convinced if you do both, combined or seperately :)
do send me your link to : afterwards and i will annouce the winner sometime around the next two weeks! goodluck
* competition open to all age groups *


don't you just adore the varying sizes of the cable lines? they look like brush strokes against the sky, and painting is something i really miss doing in class. i also terribly miss my old painting teacher, a very patient, kind-hearted one who also left to illustrate books for tiny tots.

what i'm wearing : embroidered dress, ohsofickle, in dresses 
                        knitted cream cardigan, in cardigans
             vintage bracelets, in accessories
                                                                     faux leather tassel sling, ivory pastel's topshop inspired, in bags
                       zip-up pink/cream heels, aldo, in shoes

i hate it when my hair goes all frizzy after i shower. i envy those who have perfect, fizz-free, glossy hair, but at the same time i'm fortunate to have hair even. i was thinking about hair donations, where you cut/shave your hair for hand crafted wigs for cancer patients. i'm really keen on doing it, but i don't have  enough courage just to do it yet. someday :)

fruits are delicious. has anyone tried something called the sea-apple?
and who likes durians? or bananas or apples or cherries or strawberries? 
i'll just stick to my kiwis, because i love awfully sour things that twists my tummy into knots. and i forgot to mention i didn't drink the whisky, i just filled it with cranberry juice before i left haha

this glass window reminds me of the embroidered parts of my dress. 
the greenish tint makes it eery , but the white, flowery portions make it seem so pure.

watch this video during your free time- its a really funny japanese prank, see how others react to it!enjoy!
back to my prep for a test bye'