Monday, 18 July 2011

lovely ladies


i just went online today and decided to create a Chictopia account. did you know people actually go on everyday to post things on what they wear or what inspires them? its amazing how many take time out of their daily lives and devote it to fashion. i hope that this site gains more publicity, to allow more people all over the world to share their fashion sense and inspire others. i've heard this quote from a friend, " don't dress to impress, dress to express " and i really see many unique individuals with their different styles and posts when putting on their outfits. also, the site allows many to "vote" for their favorite looks and comments from others, to encourage the user themselves. Being someone's fan or following them are allowed too, and its nice to know that another places particular interest in your style and it really boosts confidence.

what i like most about Chictopia is that the site is very neat, the ability to post photos that allows description of the outfit, the color scheme as well as the occasion and title. Labeling various aspects help create awareness in how he/she puts together the outfit.

Also, has a gallery, a shop as well as rewards for everyone!
take part in compettitons, know about the latest fashion trends or become a chic VIP today!
its time to encourage all your friends to join, gain some Chicpoints and get them to vote for you :)

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