Sunday, 7 August 2011

bottle it up

what i'm wearing: green raining rabbits mint dress, in dresses
             tiffany blue lace-up flats, in shoes
                          metal vintage tin box-bag, aunt's, in bags

i can't wait to go vintage apparel and accessories hunting tomorrow!
i like old things, even though they may not necessarily once belonged to me, i feel some sort of nostalgia. its like when you are trying to reclaim the memories that were once lost, at a very young age, and for me,  retro, vintage things that get passed down helps me find comfort and identity. especially after my new Humanities topic about race, ethnicity and culture. truthfully, i don't feel very much singaporean, or chinese at all. i don't like chinese food, its culture or language, something i struggle to cope with, and would much rather have german, spanish,french or latin as my second language. as for the food, i prefer malay, indian, spanish, french, japanese and thai ( green curry! ) i don't know any chinese food terms, i only know 'xiao long bao' ( steamed pork buns ) as they are my favorite. i am often confused with things like 'hor fun','char kway tiao','mi fan', 'lun tun mian', 'shan sui'. don't ask me what they are, because i can't explain them or identify them. oh, anyway, back to vintage shopping, can't wait!

ps. i tend to ramble on, sorry!