Tuesday, 9 August 2011

lass uns laufen

went around looking for vintage things today. saw some cute cartons containing coke bottles and random milk bottles. correction : fermented milk bottles, but they were still pretty cool as they were in different shapes. i wish they delivered milk in cartons in singapore. after an hour of walking, i only got a small tin box, hoping to fill my shortbread cookies i'm planning to buy/bake. 

g is for german-pork-knuckles 
brotzeit means 'snack' in german, but a restaurant in singapore. we headed there after our movie, and the food is delicious, my favorite was the potato sides , roasted potato slices, perfectly seasoned potato wedges and mashed potatoes. and they have a food lift- sweet. i've been obsessed with all things german since my favorite artist/celebrity is from there,and i've been there when i was young. sadly, the only thing i remembered then was that i took a picture with a pork-knuckle that was bigger than my head. i like how the word 'schnitzel' sounds, say it out loud , you'll get hooked, but of course you've to say it with the right pronunciation :) 
it's family day out