Wednesday, 10 August 2011

my same

stocking up on snacks for our movie!
has anyone tried 'Best Fries Forever'? i did not like it at first, but i grew to like it after awhile. white chocolate macadamia and snoopy lava cakes. i'm unusual, i don't stick to normal popcorn. my taste buds despises popcorn, except caramel ones -

guess we had nothing better to do than talk and camwhore while waiting for the queue for movie tickets to die down. crywolf ring on amelia ( right ) and marc by mj owl ring on me
 ( left ) the rise of the planet apes now showing!

taking pictures of ourselves instead of the busy night life along orchard road.
i guess no one wants to take photos of hookers, right?
but i do enjoy looking at stranger's clothes. 

tin-can recycled robot figures! reminds me of the tin man in 'the wizard of oz'
i don't know the story though . care to explain, anyone?
nice quiet place to hide from the crowds :)

         what i'm wearing : mustard cape, the scarlet room, in outerwear
        box bag, by 家, in bags
                             burnt orange zip top, topshop, in tops
                              orange studded bracelet, in accessories
fringed flats, in shoes

shopping to call of the day!
thanks dear, i really enjoyed today - the gossip, the food, movie, shopping and everything else!
giveaway coming up soon, in the next 2 weeks!
oh and,happy birthday singapore