Saturday, 29 October 2011

rumour has it

what i'm wearing : onyx tutu skirt, destrucked, in skirts
                           blazer, juice market, in outerwear
                                                             suede bow flats, kimchi blue for urban outfitters, in flats
                         owl ring, m by mj, in accessories
                                  rocking horse necklace, in accessories

hey you, i hope you like the pictures! they were taken at Ann Siang hill, after i left the hospital for a checkup today. sweet place, friendly people and some great food! found an amazing vintage store ( i'm so selfish i won't share the exact location ;) ) , that sells one-off goods at a high price, but theres bound to be cheap treasures if you look hard enough. they sell tons of vintage doc marts ( for all you hippies out there - and leather lovers ) , unfortunate as it is that i am against leather.... but i did get myself a swing skirt at knee-length, sparkly, champagne toned. would've taken a pic or two for you all, but... i'll save it for christmas where the surprises would be released. if you were hardcore vintage collectors like me, then go search the entire place - but do keep an open mind as you shop, be sure not to miss out on the other stalls 
if you were paying close attention to the photos, you'd be able to see closeups of my outfit !
sorry this post was a lil' late! g'night